My name's Jake and I'm 21. I'm taken by a beautiful girl and i LOVE her. I go to college and pursuing a career in criminal justice while also working in the field of security. These things are a small portion of me, the important parts of me are much DEEPER and hard to see. I'm a musician and i love METAL among other genres. I love going to concerts and being in a MOSHPIT. Besides for this im a FIGHTER, and by that i mean i fight to EXIST, to PROTECT those dearest to me, and anyone whose up for a challenge. I'm a deep person and i get pleasure from the smallest things. If you wanna know more FOLLOW, LISTEN, LEARN.


sitting in the car for my job

So fucking shaken. I almost lost my mind and beat that would be theifs ass. On a positive note im back on tumblr and promise to make rock and metal gifs again and post other shit.

some guy tried to rob me

yep just like it sounds. fuck you bridgeport ct. This job pays well and gives me alot of hours but now im questioning the pros and cons. oh and hi tumblr welcome back.

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Duncan Hills Coffee - Dethklok

time for a cup


Horizons — Puscifer

Dust devil swept you away

Me and Rachel’s song